Ready for the Big Move abroad? if so here is your moving abroad checklist

So finally you’ve decided to move abroad, it’s the next step in this adventure called life.  It’s when the saying “you have the world at your feet” is all too true and it sits perched on the horizon and is ready to become a reality.

Yet let’s be honest, the actual moving part sux – it’s tedious, overwhelming and there are many days (for me anyway) where you can be completely immobilized by the number of things that need to get done.

This is why I’ve created you a Free, easy moving abroad checklist.  A summary of the most important things that you’ll need to remember.

Keep in mind, not all moves are equal:

Do keep in mind the fact that every country has different requirements and every situation is unique. So Remember to Check:

  1. Passport requirements:
  2. Work requirements
  3. Health requirements
  4. Tax requirements
  5. Import / Export requirements: Or outsource this to removalists.
  6. Pets: be sure to check import/travel requirements, the vet can advise. Be warned that some countries like Australia need a quarantine period and strict pre-vaccination schedule – so start planning at least 6 months before!

To give an example of an easy move, for me to go back to Holland as I have a Dutch passport is reasonably easy. I turn up, show my passport and we’re done, right?


The downside is that I need to go register myself as living in the country again, which I get to do with all the other immigrants’ somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and I do need to show them official proof of where I am living – which is not always easy if you are staying with friends.

Yet this is still an easy move….

On the other hand, when I moved back to Australia, I needed to have:

  • Health certificate (vaccinations, lung scan for TB, blood test for HIV)
  • Translated Criminal checks of my last countries of residence (last 5 years)
  • Financial Statement
  • Birth Certificate
  • Declaration of ties to Australia
  • Proof that I once lived in Australia

There was more, however, let’s keep it simple for now.

Tax Returns, an Easy way to make travel money

There are also steps you need to take to leave some countries.  I need to sign out of Holland for example.  Another of these steps includes taking care of your taxes, which in some instances can be a bonus.

For instance, if the financial year goes from June – June, and your leaving in December means you’ll only have been paid half a years salary. Which when stretched over the whole year puts you in a lower salary bracket that you were originally taxed on. Meaning you’ll be refunded the difference.

Hence be sure to check with the tax office before leaving.

It simply pays to be organised: use a moving abroad checklist

Yes, I’ve been stuck at the airport without a visa, having to ask for a police certificate in a country I no longer lived in (very tricky and near impossible – it pays to have lawyers as friends).

So unlike me, make sure you are organised. Have a countdown timeline of what needs to be done, and keep a list of the dates and deadlines if you have them.  There is always so much to do, pack, pay and organise before you go.

Be sure to also give yourself the time and space to catch up with friends and family.  Drop in and have your last brunch at your favourite spot, reminisce and savor those last moments before you go.

To help you be more organised, I’ve created a short free easy to-do list that I’ve used in my last 3 moves, and in my experience of the 5 international moves before that.

Download it here:  Moving Abroad Checklist.

More than anything have fun with your new adventure.  You’ll be on your way soon enough, so be sure to enjoy the ride!!

As a wise someone named Emerson once said, “its the journey not the destination.


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