about me

Wandering Nomad, crafty creator and ointment maker, ever-evolving student + teacher of life & living, a creative follower of incessant dreams.

So who am I… I am Dutch-born, grew up in Australia –  lived here there and everywhere; Italy, UK, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Argentina, Uruguay and am in the process of moving back to the United Kingdom.

I’ve a background in Marketing/ Advertising/ Events/ Communications / Digital / eCommerce. And am an avid student of life and subjects that interest me such as Ancient History, Holistic Health, Thai Yoga Massage, Qigong, Meditation, and yoga. And am on a crazy eternal quest for the truth – of life and living.

I am also a maker and creator and I travel with my sticks. What an interesting adventure this thing called life.

I Love: the people in my life,  planet earth in all her glory, the ocean, flowers, with a special love of butterflies, love and really love great chocolate, ice cream! Travelling, meeting amazing people, sunshine, as well as new – insightful, beautiful designs –, unique handicrafts, gorgeously comfortable hotels & scrumptious food served in ambient surroundings – meaningful media, and am always looking for what’s happening / where / how / why……. at the end of the day, what I love the most and aspire to is the constant renewal and evolution of consciousness that drives our lives forward.

I Believe in: Smiling (not just ‘cause it’s free because it makes me happy), enjoying life, experiencing new things, changing/growing constantly evolving – growing, learning, loving, equality, pure good old fashioned integrity, avoiding mediocrity and being authentic.

Interested in: Travel, living abroad, self-evolution, mythology, history, meditation, yoga, qi gong, Design (structural/ web/ interior/ fashion), art, writing, reading, textile craft, making stuff, cooking + eating, sleeping, swimming, long-winded discussions (chewing the fat as they say) with interesting people & life – living.

Want to reach out and say hi give me a shout @ hello(@)travelmovelive.com

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