Travel and Life Resources

To get me through my all stages of my life, whether I am travelling, moving or living – there are always a host of services I do/ or have used that I am happy to recommend.  I have no idea where I’d be without them:

Website Hosting via*
I’ve used One for all of my websites over the last 8-9 years, and have moved others websites over to them as well. I’ve never had any issue, their pricing is competitive and their service rocks.

Serious Blogging* by Jon Morrow
Whether you are looking to improve your blogging for your travel or business site, Jon is the man to help.  He’s blogging style is authentic (yes, so honest at times it might kick you where it hurts), engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring.  Don’t believe me, go read his inspirational blog post that’ll leave anyone in tears here.  Of course more than all that though, he’s incredibly generous with what he knows, and have connected to your inner blogger in no time.

Guest Blogging* by Jon Morrow
Once you’ve learnt how to blog and would like to promote your site and name on other blogs, be sure to check out Jon’s second course on Guest Blogging – highly recommended.

Revolut Card*
One of the biggest catch 22s when travelling and changing countries is trying to open a bank card, bank fees and bad exchange rates. This card solves all of that in one fell swoop.  You can upload funds in your bank accounts currency and then exchange it and a favourable exchange rate. You can set up accounts in any currency.  You can use the card as a credit card but without the fees.  They’ll also ship a card out for use within a few days. Heaven sent!

Housesitting UK
This is the site and company I’ve been using during my travels around the UK. Thus far I’ve stayed on a small farm, a gorgeous house in London and the Cotswolds.  They have a great selection of lovely home-owners looking for pet sitters. I have a helpful article here if you are not sure whether to do house-sitting or work exchange.

For me this is still my favourite way to visit a city or place, it’s more cost-effective hotel and offers a great variety of places to stay and the chance to meet locals.  If you have never used Airbnb click here for a discount on your first booking. If you are interested in making money from renting out your own place while you are travelling or spare room click here.

I use workaway when I am travelling and looking to have a unique local experience. Somewhere different where the food and accommodation included.  I spent time at a peace museum, small farm in Brittany and Retreat near Glastonbury.  There are so many different options such as: helping with renovations, kids, animals or gardening – and a great low-cost way to immerse yourself in a culture.





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