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Living abroad: settling down, discovering the local area, making friends, finding work, learning languages and making yourself at home abroad,

The Reality of Moving and Living in Argentina

Why move to Argentina? Why would you want to move to and live in Argentina? Was the response I got, when I told friends I...

Trials and Tribulations of Moving to the UK

“You can never visit the same place twice. Each time, it’s a different story.” — Maureen Johnson This famous quote is more than true. When you...

Save on Banks Fees and Exchange Rates

Do you like Giving your money to Banks? Have you saved up your hard-earned pennies to go travelling?  Put money aside, gone without a few...

Moving to the UK During Brexit

What impact does Brexit have on your move to the UK? After many years abroad, I’ve finally decided to move back to the United Kingdom...

Surviving your first year Abroad

You don’t want to just be surviving your first year abroad, you want to fulfill your dreams and create memories that last a lifetime! A...