Sometimes the best thing to do in Buenos Aires is to get out of town.

Buenos Aires is many things; bustling and vibrant and at times overwhelming.

When the city starts to feel crowded, the best thing to do in the city is to get out. And the quickest and easiest way to do this is to visit Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Which is a hop skip and a boat (buquebus) ride away.

TIP: If it’s a windy day take the normal boat and not the hydrofoil. Unless you have a hardy stomach and don’t mind all the people around you who do not.

Go for a day – I promise it’ll feel like a week. The benefits of time-travel.

Unesco Site colonia de Sacroment
Historic centre

Colonia is the polar opposite to Buenos Aires. The tranquillity and change of atmosphere is notable from the moment you disembark.

It’s as though you’ve time-travelled back in time. To an era when people walk slower, talk slower and live slower. The antique cars seem to be stuck in a time-warp, to the point that they are sprouting weeds.

You can these cars parked in front of the old colonial houses that add an artful flavour to the place. And turns even an amateur photographer into a professional.

It’s a small pueblo (town), and while they’ll try to rent you a bike, moped or car when you get off the boat, there’s not a real need. Best advice is to get a map, turn to the left and mosey into town which is a mere 5 minute walk.

Visiting the UNESCO site of Colonia de Sacramento

Colourful houses of Colonia
Colourful houses of Colonia

The road leads you straight to the Porton de Campo, which is the Historic gateway into the old town center. It’s in these cobblestone streets that all find quaint houses and places of interest.

While the whole town is a living museum, there is a wide array of small museums to cater for most every taste.

You can find these on the on the Museums of Colonia website along with their opening times and details.

For instance, there is the; Portuguese Museum, Ceramic Museum, Indigenous Museum, House of Nacarello (which also has a great little garden) and many more.

When you tire of the museums, the lighthouse is also worth a visit. If you’re feeling energetic, you can climb to the top and get a view across town and the rivers murky waters.

Yet, with so much to do in such a small place, Colonia is where you’ve come to relax. So you may also skip the museums.

Be sure to Relax! Slow down and Enjoy.

It’s a barrio that inspires you to take your time, enjoy the gardens and the local charm, wind down, and relax. At this point, it might be time for a coffee or lunch.

The best spot for a coffee is a café on the waterfront called Lenta Maravillas. It’s a local house that its owners open a few days a week when it transforms into a cafe. And it’s here where you will find the best cakes, décor, and food in Colonia.

While the décor is enchanting, the best spot is outside in the garden. where you can swing in a hammock or deck chair under the willow trees, while the sailing boats and clouds float on by.

The craziness of the big city is soon forgotten and already becoming a faint memory.

Once you’ve recharged, and regained your energy. There are a few of the artisan stores, on the ‘Calle Real’. It’s the best place to whittle away some time and dollars.

Modern and dated modes of transport
Modern and dated modes of transport

After more ambling on this lazy day, it’s time to go and find somewhere to eat. Be sure to keep your eye out for restaurants offering asado (BBQ). One treat here that you won’t find in Buenos Aires, is BBQ fish.

Finish off the day with a wander around the rest of town. Down along the harbour is a great mix of old house, ruins, and artwork.

To feel like you’ve been away for weeks, you can always spend the night. Posada Plaza Major is a lovely old hacienda and in a central spot in town.

Yet, even if you don’t spend a night – you’ll find that even after a mere day you’ll feel like you’ve been away for weeks.

Recharged and ready to rock the big city once more. You’ll arrive back in Buenos Aires and be ready for a few more rounds of the bright big magical city.


Buquebus Ferry & Bus Service between Buenos Aires and Colonia a few times a day. Tip: Be sure to arrive with plenty of time for immigration and the process of queuing to reserve, pay, pick up ticket

Museums in Colonia website

Playa Major Hotel


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